You can’t afford to be choosy when you need a towing company right this second, can you? You can’t afford not to be, really. Your hurry could lead you straight into a price-hiking towing scam if you literally need emergency towing straight now. Please take just five minutes to read 1 Calgary Towing‘s guide to choosing the best towing company.

Without nickel-and-diming you, this checklist will ensure that you find a towing company that is able to fulfil your needs. Plus, it’s going to help you do this easy, but without making any hasty mistakes.

To learn what you need to know about selecting the best towing business, read on.

  • Online Reviews Search: Today, the best way for any form of service to choose a good company is to read online reviews. The Better Business Bureau is one great platform for this. On Google My Company, Yelp, and other comparison pages, you can also find credible user reviews and you’ll see that we have built a great reputation online.

  • Verify their services: Also, what do you need a towing service for, exactly? Whatever it is, make sure it’s a service that the business you’re considering offers. For example, for cars that die on the side of the road, some towing companies mainly provide removal services. But maybe all you need is some assistance on the roadside, such as a jump start.To get you and your car out of the hot sun right away, you will even need emergency towing. Or even after midnight, when several towing firms are closed, you need towing. In any case, make sure you sell the same services you need to the towing companies you are looking at.

1 Calgary Towing assists you with various towing services including emergency towing service, 24hr towing service, flat bed towing service, car towing service, motorcycle towing and what not.

  • Verify their certificates: Next, ensure that your towing company is properly licensed to provide the service required. Also, search for any additional certifications or awards that give other towing companies bragging rights over them. In addition, verify to guarantee that your insurance provider accepts them.Don’t trust them if the company is reluctant to provide this information. We are certified towing company.

  • Check their area of service: You will need to make sure that your towing needs fall within the service area of the company. For example, county lines can prevent them from servicing you even though they’re just a few miles away from you. Alternatively, you could be helped by a company outside their service area, but for a hefty extra charge. We offer our towing services in all over Calgary and surrounding areas.

  • Verify their costing: Speaking of fees, when testing the expense of various towing firms, be very careful. This, of course, when you’re stranded and in need of emergency towing, is easier said than done.

Even, don’t be happy with easy responses or projections about pricing. Before you commit to something, ask detailed questions about pricing so that the towers do not load up the final price with surprise, ‘secret’ fees. “Secret” is here in quotes because they could in reality be fictitious fees that are made up on the spot.In short, find out exactly how the price is calculated up front and any and all costs that you will have to pay. That way, you just have to pay legally what you are agreed.

1 Calgary Towing offers very affordable and pocket friendly services.

Choose the best towing company: 1 Calgary Towing 

Using the above checklist, it is simple to select the best towing company. Contact us here to find out how we can assist you, to make things even simpler

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